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Client Experiences

It brings me great joy to see the weight lifted from a client living is disarray when I help them clear and organize their space. This client found that when the organization was "user friendly" she could maintain the work we had done.

A successful Orderly Outcome!

Researching and Writing

Hi, Karen—this is a message I’ve been meaning to send for six months. When I moved into Rossmoor from New York City, you were the one tasked with arranging my worldly goods in my new home.

After you finished, I’d never seen them look so good, and I may even have said that I might hire you monthly to clean things up, because I surely  couldn’t keep everything all together as neatly as you’d arranged.

But the beautiful fact is that your organization was so rational, so user friendly (even when the user is a somewhat distracted and over-busy author) that things look about the same as when you first arranged everything. This is such a tribute to how thoughtful your organizing principles are. Thank  you profoundly! PM


"I  wanted to tell you how much I love walking thru the house and seeing closets and kitchen so beautifully organized. You are "Wonder Woman"! I know we still have a couple of things left to do but what you accomplished is truly miraculous! I am definitely in awe of you as a business professional and a woman. You are truly in the right business for you!"     LH

"I would like to recommend Orderly Outcome  to anyone needing help with organization...Karen Schroter, is very professional, she gets the job done. I was overwhelmed with the thought of moving, packing, and getting rid of things I haven't used in years. Karen made the whole task fun. I donated five bags of clothes to charities. She is very talented with rearranging items to get the most space and makes everything easy to find."       

~ Barb, Walnut Creek

"Karen is a JEM!! 

For the past two years I've lived in a really interesting space that has some storage but is very complicated with the positioning of it. I consider myself a pretty organized person but VERY challenged by one closet since the day I moved in. She spent quality time with me today and was able to make sense of something that has caused me so much stress for so long. Her creative ideas to add to the flow was beyond helpful. Not only is my closet more functional but the energy of my entire room is better. Karen is great at what she does & also comfortable to be around. I found myself trying on clothes and her giving me her honest feedback, it reminded me of when I was younger in high school hanging out with my girlfriend in my room and trying on clothes and asking, "how does it look on me? I can't wait till she comes back! These are the things that we wish we could do on our own and make the time for but having somebody beside you and dedicating those hours to getting things done is the most productive way to spend your day. I can't wait to see her again!" JF


You and your team did incredible work. I'm still in a state of shock over how much more room I have, the fact that I can find what I'm looking for, and on and on! I had no idea just how valuable your skills would be to me, on a deeper level than "organizing."  I am so grateful for your help, and please let everyone know how much I appreciate their work. You have an awesome team! KG

"I recently moved to Brentwood to live in a nice senior community. I had a lot of help getting moved out by NAPO people so I decided to find similar help in my new community. I went to NAPO website and put my zip code in and that's how I found Karen and Orderly Outcome. After a week of moving in, we had all the boxes unpacked and the kitchen organized. Got garage organized and linen closet nicely folded. She found many organizing devices to help keep me organized. Karen helped me so much in so many different ways. I will continue to have Karen keep me organized as I'm generally an  unorganized person. I highly recommend Karen for anyone needing help in organizing their lives. Give her a call." DG

"Karen is awesome! So efficient in helping me organize my home. She is very skilled in finding a home for everything. I have struggled with this for years. Karen's respectful and understanding nature really made this dreaded task painless. Can't wait to have her come back to help me tackle other areas." KB

"It is not often one feels such a sense of accomplishment it makes you smile broadly in amazement, but that is exactly what occurred when I hired Karen from Orderly Outcome. Overwhelmed by too many obligations, travel and a busy life, I needed a hand to help me organize and clean out my garage, attic and storage areas. From initial goal setting to a commitment to working with my erratic schedule, Karen helped me calmly and clearly migrate from a complete mess to having everything organized, clean and put in its place. Karen is a delightful organizer to work with: talented, firm, and yet always accommodating. Thank you Karen! I look forward to working with you in the near future again."       

~Nancy, Walnut Creek

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